Olivia Reed is a London born Actress, with
dual-citizenship to the United States.
Growing up in the UK she felt entirely British, though visiting family on the East Coast of the USA she found herself being challenged by her identity. At 15 years old she watched Billy Crystal’s one-man show 700 Sundays and subsequently made the life changing decision to study where Mr. Crystal did, at New York University. She began her studies in the Experimental Theatre Wing within Tisch School of the Arts, and finished her course in Stone Street Studios. May 2020 she graduated with a BFA in acting, and minor in Creative Writing and has moved back to London.

August 2020, the Hen & Chicken pub theatre in London was due to house Olivia’s play “ William?” during the Camden Fringe Festival, though sadly the world had other plans in store. “ William?” grew from a series of letters she had been working on for a writing class, from William Shakespeare to his wife during the 1590s. Olivia lives by everything happens for a reason , and as such she has taken this historical fiction play back to the drawing
board, reading to make it a smash hit in attempt no. 2 of the festival in 2021.
"When I was 7, I would put on "stand up" shows for my neighbours. We all shared a communal garden...
They could watch from their kitchens...
I charged 10p per seat."
During her Creative Writing studies she wrote a smattering of poems, short stories, and began writing a novel, which has yet to be completed. For her final semester in a Script to Screen class, Olivia and a classmate began working on a dark comedic script for a television show. When her Zoom classes ended this project kept her motivated to keep working.

When not rewatching the sit-com Frasier and dreaming of being Niles Crane’s best friend, or reading whatever book Buzzfeed has told her Sagitarrius' need to read this month, she can be found making candles for her small Etsy business.